Economic Moat

We seek to invest in companies that have a core economic moat - this could be anything from niche products, brand recognition, and even market size. We believe that companies that have a strong economic moat will be able to withstand the volatilities of the stock market and generate higher returns for our portfolio.

Financial Strengths

As quantitative investors, our Investment Board looks critically at the financial health and strengths of our investments. From Financial Statement Analysis to Value at Risk Analyses, our board wants to invest in companies that have clear top-line and bottom-line growth, generating revenue that is used for growth and expansion. The Investment Board works hard to find companies that have strong management that outline their vision and maintain transparency which allows our Board to complete comprehensive analysis on which holdings could provide strong returns.

Macro Trends

With over seven industry teams, our Investment Board relies on our Research Analysts to provide well-researched macroeconomic risks and trends that could either serve as a catalyst or risk to potential investments. The I-Board avoids cyclical investments that are heavily dependent on macroeconomic trends, as these stocks can be extremely unpredictable.

Independent Valuation

The Investment Board conducts their own independent valuations to determine whether what positions are most profitable to enter into at its current price. In addition to I-Board’s valuations, the Research Analysts submit their own Discounted Cash Flow Analyses as well as Public Comparables Models with their investment memos to contribute to their stock pitch for the portfolio.