Educational Seminar Series

Investment education is the core mission of Smart Woman Securities. Critical to this mission is the ten-week seminar series in which prospective members must participate to become full members of the organization. Taught by industry professionals and business school faculty, our education curriculum provides students with a comprehensive overview of major topics in investing. Seminar topics include personal finance, financial statement analysis, and finding and researching investment ideas. These seminars are supplemented by public speaking and career development workshops designed to help our members become well-rounded investors.


The semester-long program culminates in an investment project, for which small groups of probationary members research and select a company to pitch. Using skills gained through the education series, students write an investment memo and pitch their selected stocks to members of our chapter’s executive and investment boards. The seminar series is run in both the fall and the spring, with roughly 50 students participating in the program each semester. Those who attend eight of the 10 weekly seminars and complete the investment project become full SWS members. The SWS “learning-by-doing” model continues for these students: Having achieved full membership, they may apply to join one of our research teams as an analyst.  In this capacity, they will work within an industry to conduct in-depth research on particular companies, or join our marketing or fundraising committees.The SWS model is predicated on more than just the academic experience of attending seminars and writing investment reports. We also aim to give women exposure to successful investors and mentors, as well as practical applied experience managing a real investment portfolio.

Fall 2018 Lessons


9/12: Personal Finance, Savings, and Investing

9/19: Understanding the Stock Market

9/26: Understanding Financial Statements I


10/3: Understanding Financial Statements II

10/10: Project Introduction and Industry Overviews

10/17: Evaluating Companies with Financial Metrics

10/24: Analyzing Companies and Industries: An Uber Case Study

10/31: Introduction to Financial Services


11/7: Intro to Entrepreneurship

11/14: Presenting Yourself Professionally

11/28: Investment Project Presentations