Women's Speaker Series

One of the chapter’s major accomplishments for the year was the successful implementation of the Women’s Speaker Series. The concept developed from the realization that despite the education our members receive, careers in finance and investing are still perceived as highly competitive and gender-skewed. Through the series, our board hoped that the women in our organization would find comfort and motivation in hearing from women who have successful careers in these industries. The speakers that we brought in over the course of the year were wonderful. They were relatable, inspiring, and at times, even funny. Our members responded enthusiastically to the concept, and it is our hope that we can continue to bring in women who will leave our members with a stronger confidence in their abilities to pursue any career they may desire.

2018-2019 Spakers

Kelly Barofsky, Global Endowment Management

Sarah Kearney, CEO of Prime Coalition

2017-2018 Speakers

Michelle Mikos, Director of ETF Retail Business Development, Vice President PowerShares by Invesco

Caroline Meyer, Sarah Bowron, Arianna Laghaeian, Katie Miller, and Matthew Pearman, Wells Fargo Securities

Lindsay Burton, Founder and President of Kayo Conference Series

Professor Jingjing Li, Assistant Professor of Information Technology at the McIntire School of Commerce